Rector: Fr. Nathan Finnin

Associate Rector: Rev. Tommy Drake


Lori Donlan


David Spangler

Music Director

Colleen Hogan

Preschool Director

Nicole Northrup


Martin Donlan

Facilities Manager


The Vestry is the governing body of an Episcopal Church, elected to represent the people of the Parish. At St. Andrews, our vestry is made up of twelve Parish members, the Senior and Junior Warden (similar to President and Vice President) and the Rector. The Wardens and Vestry members are elected at the Annual Parish Meeting, and serve three-year terms of office.

Our Vestry is here for you.  

Peebles HarrisonSenior Warden
Teresa OsborneTreasurer
Cola VaughanJunior Warden + Operations
Emily LewisVestry Clerk
 Patti Johnson Class of 2024
 Nadine Daniels Class of 2024
Bob Sanders Class of 2024
 Ed Mack Class of 2025
Phyllis Neal Class of 2025
Rex Etheridge Class of 2025
Alan CreechClass of 2026
 Bruce Frazier Class of 2026
 Bobbie Murray Class of 2026
 Ken Slayton Class of 2026
“From left to right” Alan Creech, Emily Lewis, Teresa Osborne, Bob Sanders, Peebles Harrison, Ed Mack, Phyllis Neal, Rex Etheridge, Nadine Daniels, Bobbie Murray, Bruce Frazier, Patti Johnson, and Ken Slayton.”(Not pictured: Cola Vaughan)