Rector: Fr. Nathan Finnin


Lori Donlan, Administrator

David Spangler, Music Director

Colleen Hogan, Preschool Director

Teresa Osborne, Treasurer


The Vestry is the governing body of an Episcopal Church, elected to represent the people of the Parish. At St. Andrews, our vestry is made up of twelve Parish members, the Senior and Junior Warden (similar to President and Vice President) and the Rector. The Wardens and Vestry members are elected at the Annual Parish Meeting, and serve three-year terms of office.

David Thompson, Senior Warden

Emily Lewis, Junior Warden

Larry Rubino, Membership

Linda DeFrancisco, Pastoral Care

Curt Merrill, Communication

Jami Lanier, Parish Life

Ned Coverdale, Stewardship

Angela Preston, Youth and Children

Dianne Kotasenski, Outreach

Mike Bryant, Worship

Pat Ely, Adult Formation

Teresa Osborne, Finance

Claudette Smith, Clerk