The Vestry

Rex Etheridge   Worship
Nadine Daniels   Youth and Children
    Adult Formation
Peebles Harrison   Operations
Patti Johnson   Pastoral Care
Dianne Kotasenski   Outreach
Jamie Lanier and David Thompson   Parish Life
Teresa Osborne   Treasurer
Bob Sanders   Communications
David Thompson   Senior Warden
Emily Lewis   Clerk

The Vestry is the governing body of an Episcopal Church, elected to represent the people of the Parish.

 At St. Andrew’s the Vestry meets monthly (every third Tuesday) to discuss, reflect and take action on the many important aspects of Parish life.

Vestry 22-23“From left to right” Phyllis Neal, Emily Lewis, Nadine Daniels, Rex Etheridge, Ed Mack, David Thompson, Cola Vaughan, Patti Johnson, Peebles Harrison, and Jami Lanier

(Not pictured:  Bob Sanders, Teresa Osborne and Dianne Kotasenski)