Adopted budget for 2021

At its November meeting, the Vestry of St. Andrew’s adopted a budget for next year. The budget is available for download, along with some notes to answer some anticipated questions. Please contact a member of the Vestry or the church office if you have any questions.

Download the budget

Budget notes

We asked for a 15% “across the board” increase in pledges for 2020 – last year. Pledges received increased 8% but what we are actually going to receive is closer to flat (we had COVID). This is why we asked for an increase again for 2021 – we have talked about this in terms of an estimated $ 50,000 shortfall.

2021 represents the first year since Phil left in August 2018 that we have had a full‐time Rector. Rector package in 2018 $114,490; Rector package in 2021 $157,608. Phil did not receive any substantial raises and we did not provide health insurance as he had Tricare. This is a $43,118 increase in budget.

In 2020 we had 95 pledging units plus another 44 families that do not pledge but give regularly.

Pledges range from $120 to $ 10,000 plus another one that is even more. 51 of those pledges are $ 2,000 and less. 27 of those pledges are $2,001 to 5,000. 13 pledges are $5,001 to $ 7,999. 3 pledges are $8,000 to $10,000 and 1 over $10,000.

Our total budget is approximately $424,000.

Our budget funds 1 full‐time and 4 part‐time staff positions. A full‐time Rector, a part‐time administrative assistant, part‐time bookkeeper, part‐time organist and part‐time Sexton

Our budget includes a 10% tithe to the Diocese.

Facility expenses including sexton, insurance, utilities and maintenance are approximately $100,000.

We are expecting our 2021 loose plate offerings to be half of what we normally receive due to COVID – reducing our annual income by $11,500.

We have looked for opportunities to save money where we can – in 2020 we saved $14,931 by not filling the vacant bookkeeper position for the remainder of 2020. Nathan is not requesting reimbursement for local business miles driven.

Q. How will we fund the budget shortfall if we do not raise needed pledges/commitments for 2021?

A. We have accumulated some surplus over the last few years due to fewer expenses during our interim period and we will use these to balance any deficit. We fully understand it is not a good budget practice to use savings for ongoing expenses but feel we can handle this in the short‐term. We are seeing renewed signs of growth and vitality in our Parish. With this momentum, and with your prayerful participation in our efforts, we can meet our goal, and enter this New Season of Ministry and Opportunity well‐positioned to serve God and neighbors in 2021 and beyond.